If you received a letter in the mail with a cashier's check and a letter detailing an "assignment", DO NOT DEPOSIT OR CASH the check - it will bounce and if you were to wire money as directed, it will negatively affect you, as the check is not legitimate and the funds wired will be your own.The newest form of this scam also includes the purchase of multiple iTunes gift cards or other similar purchase. Bottom line is...if you receive a check in the mail and it appears it is from us, it is not legitimate. Please call 630-246-4545 if you would like more information.

In order to help us combat this type of scam, you can take the following steps if you've received this type of letter. However, please also note that it is very difficult to catch these people; destroying all of the information you received and no longer responding to the "scheduler" via text or email is the best course of action.

1. Out of courtesy, you can send a copy of the check you received to the financial institution it appears to have come from so they are aware as well. 

2. Contact your local police department (non-emergency) to file a complaint. Be sure to indicate that you have all original documents. You will also be able to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and US Postal Inspection Office. (UPDATE: while this is still a course of action you may want to take, many police departments will tell you it is no longer necessary.

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at shopquestions@ishopforyou.com or contact Marianne Hynd at 630.246.4545

(866) 703-8238