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Did you get an email that looks like the example below?  If so, please make sure you do not respond or provide any personal information. This is an offshoot of an age old check cashing scam - if you were to provide your information, the next step would be to ask for your bank account information for "payment purposes."

To keep yourself (and your fellow classmates) safe if you get the email:

1. Do not reply to the email. You may want to save it in case your school's public safety office would like to see it.

2. Let classmates know about the email and advise them not to reply if they receive one, as it is a scam.

3. Contact the public safety office at your school in case they would like to put out an email to students to make them aware of the scam.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marianne Hynd at 630.246.4545.

Thank you for your help! The more that are aware, the less that will be affected by this scam!

Sample email

Hello Students

Work and get paid $220- $250 a week and its done at  your own leisure time.

At Ann Michael's & Associates Ltd. We offer Survey Evaluation Services to various shopping outlets and Organizations. We want all Survey  Evaluation to take complete pride in their work, writing intelligent surveys that are clear, honest and observant.

The information collected by Michael's & Associates Compliance Services reaches clients, but will always conceal individual identity. Survey results are aggregated by combining responses with those provided by other participants who have also completed the online survey. This data is stored in a database that can be analyzed by clients, but personal data will never be revealed, sold or traded without your permission.

You are providing input for the development of a product or service.
Michael's & Associates Compliance Services Is one of the most popular paid survey panels in  America. My survey provides a variety of interesting surveys, including product reviews, service reviews buyers opinion, general opinion, Survey Evaluation just to name a few. Find below Job description (available survey).
The recruitment is restricted to US and Canada residents only.

Survey Evaluation services are to be carried out in your location in which you will carry out a survey on the performance and effectiveness of the stores with which you will be directed to carry out a Survey Evaluation on and we would like you to become our Survey Evaluation. Salary/Wage: - $220 per survey assignment.
Your employment packet includes businesses/stores evaluation (Macy-Stores, Banks, Wal-Mart, CVS, McDonald's, Best Buy and many more). Assignment instructions will be sent to you via email after you must have received the payment for the Survey assignment.
Payment for the assignment/wages would be sent to you by Certified Check. No experience required and no upfront payment needed from you (Application is Free).
If you would like to be considered for this survey assignment, please fill out the application below and kindly send the requested details to the email above.

 Current Address:
 Zip Code:
 Home Phone:
 Cell Phone:
 Alternative email address:
 Preferred Time to Call:
 Occupation: none
 Can you check email at least twice daily?


Carl Brickford

At Ann Michael's & Associates Ltd
2863 West 95th Street
Suite 143-255
Naperville, IL 60564

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