Successful companies use a "360 degree view" to evaluate how their company is performing. The key services that will provide the best insight into your business are:

  • Customer Satisfaction and Feeedback Programs
  • Employee Feedack & Testing/Exit Interviews
  • Mystery Shopping


Employee Feedback Programs

Exit interviews are an effective tool for determining reasons for employees to leave your company. However, taking a more proactive approach and utilizing a consistent employee feedback program can reduce employee turnover and improve overall employee morale. Additionally, you can obtain outstanding ideas to improve your business from your employees, as they are typically on the "front lines" and see day to day issues that you may not be aware of.

Employee feedback programs can assist in many ways:

  1. Reduce employee turnover - because you are consistently surveying your employees, you will be able to pinpoint areas of concern, whether it be in your training procedures, job requirements, or current employee procedures. Pinpointing these issues and resolving them before an employee leaves will help retain your employees and reduce turnover.
  2. Improve employee morale - Employees perform better and become more loyal to a company when they feel they are being heard. Keeping the lines of communication open through a consistent feedback program is invaluable - making adjustments and changes based on the voice of your employees is priceless. They will feel that what they say makes a difference, and in turn will increase overall customer service levels and employee longevity.
  3. Introduce new products, offers, or services - Employees handle the day to day interactions with your customers. It is likely that they make observations or hear feedback from your customers that may never reach you without a method to share ideas freely and efficiently. Employees may also see ways to make their work more efficient. Utilizing a feedback program for suggestions and ideas will likely bring about new products, services, or procedures for your company. This can improve customer satisfaction levels and increase revenue.
  4. Evaluate orientation and training programs - A good indicator of the effectiveness of your training programs is how well employees perform in their role. Another effective method to evaluate your procedures is to survey employees once the orientation and/or initial training has taken place. By doing so, you will gather valuable insight into the effectiveness of your programs, what is unclear or confusing to new employees, and ways to improve.

Our employee programs are handled similar to our customer feedback programs. Please contact us via email for more information.

Employee Services

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Employee Testing

This service is useful in many respects. Use it after initial employee training sessions to determine if the employees retain the information they learned in order to be successful in their position. Many larger companies are turning to testing employees on a regular basis, especially during their first year of employment. Using a toll-free number or online format, employers will have the ability to have their employees take tests to determine their current level of product knowledge, customer service procedures, and general knowledge of the business. This snapshot will allow you to quickly pinpoint your top performers and those employees who require additional training to be successful.

Contact us if you would like more information on employee testing services.

Customer Feedback/Satisfaction Programs

These are valuable tools to gather and analyze your customers' opinions, thoughts, and suggestions, and can be used in a variety of ways. First, you can invite customers to take a survey evaluating their most recent experience with your company. Coupled with our interactive analytical reports, you will have great insight into which areas succeed in satisfying customers and which are in need of improvement.

These services can also be used to gather customer suggestions and opinions on new products and services. Do you have a loyalty program? If so, you can contact this base of customers to get their opinions on new products and services and suggestions for improving your business. You can also utilize your general customer base for this purpose as well. Some of the best ideas come from customers - because our programs are cost efficient, you can't afford not to use them!

We have several ways to obtain customer feedback and opinions. Please visit our affiliate website for more information or submit an email inquiry

Exit Interviews

This is a useful tool to determine the reasons people leave your company. However, you can also find out the positive and negative factors that their work entailed, and which factors played into their decision to leave. Ann Michaels & Associates has the ability to interview people who have left your company. Additionally, we have an online system that allows us to compile this data for you. We offer over 20 interactive analytical reports that are avialable to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allow you to take the data you receive and note what areas are in need of improvement in order to improve employee retention.

Interviews can be conducted via telephone or online, and we can use a combination of both methods to improve your response rate. If you collect employee email addresses, we can take this one step further and email your past employees to invite them to provide an exit interview online. Contact us to learn more about exit interviews.

Mystery Shopping

This service provides an objective evaluation of your customer service levels and employee knowledge. Additionally, it allows you to see your training programs in play. Are your employees following training procedures? Do they display the knowledge that they should have gained during training?

We can conduct mystery shops onsite, via telephone, and via email. A regularly established schedule is recommended to see the best results.

This service will assist in creating successful employees and improve your retention rates. Learn more about our Mystery Shopping services on our website or contact us for more information.​