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Is it a good fit for my business?

Many companies have reported success with this program. The Customer Experience Console works great for many industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Theme Parks, Carnivals, and Events
  • Pharamcies
  • Healthcare/Medical Offices
  • Park Districts & Recreation Facilities
  • Trade Shows & Educational Conferences

Retailers also have the option to work with manufacturer buy-in to offset the cost of the program. Retailers will incorporate marketing & feedback for manufacturer's products in exchange for assistance with cost. This has proven to be a win-win situation for both retailers and manufacturers.

Introducing.....Customer Engagement Console

REAL customers, REAL experience, in REAL time!

What is this?

The Customer Engagement Console is an innovative way to capture customer feedback while they are in your place of business while offering marketing and educational materials to these attentive customers. Unlike traditional feedback methods, the feedback consoles are placed directly within your business location(s) and encourage customers to provide opinions, feedback, and other information you need to best understand your customers.
Some of the benefits include:

  • Real time feedback that is more accurate, as there is no lag time between doing business with your company and providing feedback
  • Alert system allows managers to immediately address concerns. For example, if customers utilizing the feedback console report that the restrooms are in disarray or non-functional, a manager will be notified immediately so it can be resolved.
  • Perhaps the most intriguing benefit is that you can capture feedback from customers who are in your location, but do not make a purchase at that time. Understanding this customer is essential and their feedback cannot be captured through traditional methods.
  • Video capabilities allow for promotional videos to be displayed for additional promotion and education, making in truly an all in one console. Additionally, market research can be conducted through the console, and tie ins to social media are easily incorporated.
  • It is easier than ever to reward loyalty card holders for their opinions; loyalty card programs can be incorporated into the console so that customers providing feedback can receive additional points and/or incentives for sharing their opinions & feedback. Scanning barcodes or loyalty cards will input that data right into the program, allowing for ease of use for your customers.

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Feedback....Marketing...Customer Retention...All in one Console!

You are now able to listen to, and act upon, feedback from your customers that is influenced by their very recent experience. Based on a proprietary software system, measuring customer experience at the point of contact has never been so easy. We want to increase your revenue with business decisions based on REAL customers, REAL experience, in REAL time!

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