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If you received an email that looks suspicious....do not reply or provide the sender with any information.

1. Look at the email address it was sent from; we do not use AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, or any other provider. Emails from our company come from either "ishopforyou.com" or "annmichaelsltd.com."

2. In your email program, there is an option to view email headers - this contains important information that can help authorities track who is sending these emails. Please view the header and take a screen shot of that.

3. Forward the email you received and the screen shot of the email header to us at shopquestions@ishopforyou.com so we can file the necessary reports.

4. Please keep the email for a short period of time in case we need additional information about the contents of the email.

5. You may report the email address associated with the email you receive. Determine who the internet provider is (if it's @gmail.com, aol.com, comcast.net, etc) and go to the provider's home page. From there, you will find links to report fraudulent or phishing emails. Reporting the email address that sent the email will help try to combat these types of schemes.

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at shopquestions@ishopforyou.com or contact Marianne Hynd at 630.246.4545