Companies have experienced a decrease in response rates in "traditional" customer feedback programs - namely, IVR and web based surveys. Companies are becoming frustrated and wondering how they can increase response rates and get the data they are looking for from their consumer base.

Thanks to mobile technology, we are pleased to launch a mobile program that will engage your customers in a whole new way that will help collect more accurate, recent data in an innovative way! Mobile based surveys provide a quick, easy to use, and robust feedback platform to work from.​

Take Your Feedback to the Next Level...

Mobile Surveys

  • ​Offer coupons and incentives to encourage return visits
  • Link to social media and loyalty card registration pages for continued engagement after the  experience
  • Analytical Reporting offers advanced insight into the customer experience, strengths, and challenge areas
  • Why stop with feedback? You can also use mobile surveys to gauge
    • New product feedback - place QR code on packaging of new products for instant, specific feedback
    • Shipment quality control -damaged packages or items arriving not in optimal condition can be reported immediately, complete with pictures of damage
    • Increased social media engagement - link program to social media sites and allow customers to engage from their mobile phones, and have your social media pages saved to their device
    • Provide instant rewards, inclusion in contests, and more - think outside of the box to engage with customers in a fun, interactive way that will keep them coming back for more.

We are also unique in that we can combine your mobile program with our Customer Engagement Console for even bigger impacts to your engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, your bottom line.

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There are many benefits when incorporating mobile feedback programs in your company:

  • Surveys are customized to capture the data that you need the most
  • Customer invitations are versatile for multiple invitation points - QR codes in store or on signage, URL's on receipts, company website integration, email marketing distribution lists - increased visibility means increased engagement.