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Case Study

Fast Food/Promotional Concerns

The Challenge:   Our client’s client, a national fast food chain, implemented a contest in the summer of 2006. The contest offered game pieces attached to each item within the packaged meal. The company was receiving unfavorable feedback regarding the ease of removing those game pieces from the paper products. Several customers were complaining that the number was illegible some of the time after removing the piece and therefore not a valid game piece.

Our Solution:  Ann Michaels & Associates gave our client the objective, third-party perspective they needed to conduct an accurate assessment of their promotions. By visiting locations in Chicago, New York, Dallas, Miami, and Los Angeles, our shoppers were instructed to purchase two meals at each assigned location. They removed game pieces from one meal’s packaging immediately and waited 15 minutes before removing the game pieces from the second meal’s packaging.  They reported on how legible the pieces were and sent them to Ann Michaels & Associates to deliver to the client.

 How We Did:  Ann Michaels & Associates successfully completed the audit on time with all 100 shops completed via our online reporting system as well as 200 labeled baggies of game pieces on our client’s desk. We accomplished this goal in one week from start to finish and provided trend analysis for the client to determine the exact problem with the game pieces. Ann Michaels & Associates has a large pool of trained researchers who can rapidly deliver on fast turn-around projects over broad geographic areas.