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The Challenge:   A worldwide special occasion gift company secured the services of Ann Michaels & Associates in order to determine the product quality and customer service levels within their organization as compared to two of their top competitors. How did they rank among their competitors? What type of complaint resolution was in place with their competitors and how did it differ with theirs? When the product was delivered to the consumer, what did it look like? Was the consumer satisfied and would they place an order with the company again?

Our Solution:  Our expert staff worked with the client to customize the survey and develop a strategic program that included shoppers to do all of the following:

  • Place a call to the business to order a gift.
  • Evaluate customer service skills, empathy of the employee for the shopper’s occasion and cross sell/up sell techniques
  • Record information regarding date and time of delivery
  • Monitor the actual day and time the delivery occurred
  • Took three pictures of the delivered item. One picture was of the packaged item and the other two were pictures of the product at different angles. The three pictures were then uploaded in to the survey
  • Shopper was then instructed to contact the company to issue a complaint
  • Complaint resolution was then evaluated

Results: The findings of this study illustrated to the client the gaps in service and breakdown in chain of communication in critical complaint resolution. The client was able to identify issues and conduct additional training to ensure that this was resolved.  The images of delivered items was also benefiical in that the client was able to identify vendors that were not meeting the client's standards and work to ensure that delivered items matched the visual and verbal descriptions provided on their website. Additional studies were done after training and investigation were conducted to monitor improvement across time.


Case Study

Special Occasion Retailer/Complaint Resolution