How can we use spot checks?

  • Basic customer service evaluation - these are good for simple evaluations and/or baseline evaluations if you've not done mystery shopping before. The results will give insight into areas of strength and areas that need improvement. From there, additional training can be done  and a traditional program can be implemented.
  • Launch of new marketing campaign in store - shoppers will visit locations and determine if required marketing signage/promotional material is present prior to the launch; pictures of material will be included in the report
  • Product consistency - new product rolling out? Shoppers can order the newest product and take a picture of it to ensure consistency in product presentation
  • Follow up spot check - if using a traditional mystery shopping program, spot check evaluations can be dispatched at locations that fall below a performance threshold to "check in" quickly after the low scoring evaluation was conducted to help determine if it was a "one off" situation or if additional training/coaching is needed in a particular location or group of locations 

Features & Benefits

  • Customized evaluation report to measure your company's specific employee performance standards
  • Email notifications as evaluations are complete
  • Suite of analytical reports available 24/7 
  • All evaluations are imported into our online portal - if using traditional mystery shopping and/or customer feedback surveys, all of your data will be housed in one portal for easy access and analysis 

Pricing & Getting Started
Mystery shopping spot checks can be easily created and executed. Pricing starts at $37.00 per shop* plus a one time setup fee of $99.00. Payment is due at the time services are ordered. Getting started is easy:

  • Determine the type of evaluation you would like
  • Determine the number of shops you would like completed per location
  • We provide you with a survey that will be used (minor changes can be made)
  • The shops begin

* Pricing based on volume and length of evaluation; volume discounts available; please contact your Business Development Manager for more information

Mystery Shopping Spot Checks

The easy, affordable, quick serve mystery shopping program

Spot checks can be used for the most basic evaluations, as well as a complement to a current mystery shopping program. They are less expensive than traditional shops and can focus on key performance points quickly and easily. 

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