Social Media Monitoring Services


Social Media Monitoring captures online conversations about your company, brand, and reputation. As consumers have highly effective forums to share their product experiences and opinions online, more and more companies are realizing these consumer voices can hold enormous influence in shaping the opinions of other consumers and influence their brand loyalties and purchase decisions. What are your customers saying about you?

Weekly reports will show you where the conversations are happening and what people are saying. The monthly dashboard report gives you more detailed information about the conversations, including demographics, geographical information, and sentiment ratings. To learn more about social media management services, please visit our social media management website or our social media management blog.
​You can also contact us via email or directly at (630) 922-7804 ext 104.


Interview the Shopper Program

Our newest service combines the specific, objective observation taken from mystery shopping and the subjective information gleaned from focus groups for maximum benefit!

Our "Interview the Shopper" gives companies great insight into their business. Trained mystery shoppers are used to conduct a series of shops at your place of business and that of your competitor (if you choose to do so). Not only will you see the individual shop reports as they are completed, but you will have the unique opportunity to meet in person with the group of shoppers for a focus group style interaction.

Traditional focus groups utilize your typical "untrained" customer to give you insight into how they perceive your business; with our new approach, you can glean specific feedback based around your training procedures and operational standards - what "typical" customer can give you that information?

Designing a program is simple - first, define your goal. What is it you want to learn more about? Strictly customer service issues? Merchandising or new product lines? How about learning more about a new customer demographic you'd like to see as your customer base? Choose your goal and let us design a program to get the information you need.

The interview the shopper program is affordable and can be executed quickly and easily. Contact us via email to learn more and schedule a time to discuss your specific needs.

Let's face it - customer service matters. Utilizing an objective method of measuring operational standards and service levels across all touchpoints of your customer experience will help you determine where you excel and pinpoint customer service challenges before the become detrimental to your business. We offer services to measure and monitor customer service at each point of access within your company.

On Site Mystery Shopping

Evaluate employee interactions and overall employee performance through mystery shopping. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we can develop, implement and execute a program that not only enhances your levels of customer service but also adds bottom line profit to your business. Our state of the art technology allows us to provide you with digital verification and pictures uploaded to the report for more detailed information.

Website Evaluations

Website evaluations will allow you to tap into customer service issues, including email inquiries or online chat sessions, or can delve into the entire process, from placing and receiving an order to making a conflict resolution call once the item is received. Finally, gain deeper insight into how customers use your website, the ease of finding items of interest, and the functionality of your search feature through a mystery shop.

Telephone evaluations

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.....for many companies, that first impression happens when a customer calls you. This service evaluates employee interactions and how they handle incoming customer calls. This is an economical method of determining the service levels and customer interaction of your call center or customer service group. We also have the capability to record telephone evaluations. With one click, you can hear the entire conversation to ensure your standards are being met. 

Compliance Shops

Liquor and tobacco compliance is a significant concern among retailers and restaurants alike. Starting a proactive mystery shopping program in which tobacco or liquor products are purchased and tracking identification requests can be beneficial for your company. The mystery shoppers will fall into the appropriate demographics to accurately measure compliance levels.

Plant-A-Shopper Program

This service will allow you to evaluate how existing customers are treated when they visit your company. These shoppers are "planted" into your business through fictitious accounts, membership, or class/program registration. As active participants, you can see your business through the eyes of your customer on a regular, consistent basis to ensure the high levels of customer service standards are continually met.

This is an exceptional program for banks, park districts, fitness centers, day care centers, and preschools, as well as other businesses that rely on customer memberships or accounts.

Mystery Shopping Services

View a brief video to learn more about our services and reporting capabilities that are available with all mystery shopping and customer feedback/satisfaction programs. Read our mystery shopping case studies to see how this program has been used successfully by other companies. You can also learn of five ways to keep your mystery shopping program fresh, giving you continually effective information to work with.

Mystery Research

Mystery Research is the newest advancement in the industry! Mystery Researchers are trained to be your "fly on the wall," spending one to three hours in your place of business to observe and record customer and employee behaviors and patterns. The detailed report you receive gives you valuable insight into customer behaviors, allowing you to make crucial business decisions.

Mystery Research will assist with:

  • Evaluation of locations with sluggish sales
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Breaking into a new market, and more

Click here for detailed information on this service

What services can we help you with?

•    Mystery Shopping         •    Social Media Monitoring         •    Customer Feedback         •    ​Blog Writing
Contact us via email or directly at (630) 922-7804 extension 104 to discuss the best program to meet your specific needs.

Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Programs

Our customer feedback programs are coupled with a suite of analytical reports, and tie into your mystery shopping data.
​Watch a brief demo of our reporting capabilities.

Telephone Based Customer Satisfaction Surveys/ 1-800 Feedback

Using the latest technology, we have the capabilities to provide our clients with unprecedented response time in obtaining the information required to determine what it is your customers are trying to tell you. Customers are invited to call a toll free number to take a survey based on their experience. Our ENS (Early Notification System) will alert key members of your organization to poor experiences, allowing you the opportunity to follow up with dissatisfied customers quickly.

Web Based Customer Feedback

Automate your paper feedback cards! Invite customers to a page on your website to provide feedback. You can also opt to email your customers on a one-time or continual basis to obtain customer satisfaction and feedback with our services. Our analytical reports allow you to drill down to reveal trends within your organization. This program generates immediate, actionable results and a better response rate than traditional mailings or outbound telephone surveys. 



Merchandise Audits

This service is designed for Manufacturers or Distributors that are concerned about the pricing that your competitors have in the market place or require information regarding the price structure being used to merchandise your product. Our state of the art technology allows us to provide you with digital verification to ensure standards are being met across all locations within your company.

CI – Competitive Intelligence

Check out your competition through the eyes of the customer. Whether you're simply interested in learning how you stack up to the competition, or you want to collect information on their operational standards, service procedures, or pricing information, this service will give you the information you need. The reports tell you exactly what is being promoted, priced and marketed, as well as evaluate the levels of customer service provided by your competition. Our state of the art technology allows you to see what your competitors are doing via digital verification. Click here to read our article on mystery shopping as a form of competitive intelligence, as featured on Ezine Articles, which offers examples of how clients have used mystery shopping to evaluate their competition.

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Employee Services

Evaluating employee performance, loyalty, and turnover are important in determining company success. Many services are available to assist you with this process. Please visit our employee services page for additional information.

Covert Audits

Typical mystery shops evaluate customer service related issues, along with cleanliness and appearance of your business locations. Covert audits take this evaluation a step further - shoppers are trained on your operational procedures and covertly evaluate your business based on these standards. This is an effective method of documenting your internal procedures in an objective manner, and can save time for your district and regional managers, and is more cost effective as well. Covert audits give you a clearer picture of these operational standards, as it is well known that staff act much differently when upper management is present. To learn more about how this service can be used for your company, you can contact us via email or call (866) 703-8238.

Additional Services

Mobile Research

Thanks to technology, companies can collect consumer information easier than before!

Our Mobile Vision service is quite similar to mystery shopping, though on a smaller scale. It is great for times when you want a quick "in and out" audit to check if locations are complying with signage, marketing efforts, or new product launches, for example. You can also use it for any of the following:

  • Check to make sure employees are hitting one or more points in the service process
  • Are products prepared to specification? We can require a specific product to be purchased and have pictures of these items sent to you to ensure quality and presentation are consistent
  • Have specific questions asked to test employee knowledge
  • Survey existing customers to get opinions

Mobile Vision is typically less expensive than traditional mystery shopping and can give you quick insight into specific issues and/or concerns. Want to learn more? Send us an email and we'd be happy to help you determine if Mobile Vision will meet your needs.