Shopper Incentive Program

Ann Michaels and Associates, Ltd. is pleased to announce our Shopper Incentive Program. We value our shoppers who time and time again demonstrate excellent, timely, and accurate reports, many of which go beyond the call of duty to help us out in a pinch. Every month our Account Managers will nominate their best shoppers for the month to be included in a lottery drawing.

The Account Managers will nominate a shopper based on the following criteria:

  • Overall score for an assignment of 10
  • Quick turn around time on shops- shopper submits report and required documentation the first few days of their allotted shopping time frame instead of the last day. Report is complete, with little to no follow up required.
  • Came through on a last minute shop. Worked with the Account Manager to make a shop work with the client’s schedule.
  • Promotes excellent communication with the Account Manager by responding to follow up information that may be needed for a particular assignment.


We will have one winner each month that will win a $25.00 bonus, which will be sent via PayPal. In addition, you may use us as a reference when applying to other mystery shopping companies. All names will be entered in a quarterly drawing that will award one lucky winner a $100.00 prize which is paid via PayPal.

All winners will be posted on the Shopper Announcement Page, which you are able to view when you sign into our system as a shopper. If you win and do not want your name posted on our Shopper Announcement page, please email us at

The staff at Ann Michaels is dedicated to helping you to be the best shopper possible! Good luck and happy shopping!!

(866) 703-8238